Video: Three Spheres of Library Skills – Part 1

‘Fostering an enduring reading culture in your school can take time, and requires collegial commitment to drive and sustain change,’ Teacher Librarian at Melba Copland Secondary School in Canberra, Mali Jorm, shares in their first video for Teacher.

In this video, Jorm introduces a targeted program that is embedded at the school, The Three Spheres of Library Skills. The program scaffolds students to achieve success in the three core areas of library skills: Readers, Researchers, and Thinkers.

This first video in a three-part series takes an in-depth look at the first skill – Readers. ‘While all the spheres are interconnected, the Readers sphere is most important, as the skills and attitudes in this sphere underpin all of the others,’ Jorm shares in the video.

‘Students who are readers are adaptable and resilient. They are able to successfully engage with a variety of texts, and are comfortable trying challenging or novel styles of writing. Students who are readers know that the reading skills they have are valuable and respected and that they will improve with experience.’

In the video, Jorm shares how schools can foster a learning environment where readers flourish; ideas for giving students the time to read; how to model reading as positive activity; and ideas for making time for peer sharing of books.

Watch the full video below to find out more.


Stay tuned: In their next video, Mali Jorm explores the second sphere of the program – Researchers.

In this video, Mali says teachers can model that reading is an enjoyable activity by talking about books that you are reading outside of work; modelling reading aloud to students; and actively participating in silent reading with your class.

When was the last time you read a book for pleasure? Did you tell your students what you were reading, and why you were enjoying it? Do you bring your own reading material to school, so you can participate in silent reading time with your students?

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